Change log


v0.12 21st Mar 2021

  • Config file expanded to bring maintenance and production mode flags to Wayfinder

v0.11 18th Mar 2021

v0.10 15th Mar 2021

  • Wayfinder has been rewritten and now handles scenarios more gracefully
  • Wayfinder no longer requires the logic to be triggered by the __construct() method, is now specifically called by the init() method
  • Introducing more detailed unit tests for the Wayfinder framework

v0.9 12th Mar 2021

  • Paramaters specified as part of a route were not passed always passed to the controller
  • Routes now reference method instead of function

v0.8 9th Mar 2021

v0.7 7th Mar 2021

  • You can specify the MIME type of a page by suffixing one of the supported file extensions to your URL
    • .html (default)
    • .txt
    • .xml
    • .rss
    • .atom
    • .json

v0.6 5th Mar 2021

  • Create redirects with the redirect() method in Wayfinder

v0.5 4th Mar 2021

v0.4 3rd Mar 2021

  • Dark mode introduced for the documentation
  • Fixed issue whith the Database library not being able to return data from SELECT queries
  • Improved reliability when using PHP's include and require functonality in the Wayfinder framework
  • First round of tests included with the project

v0.3 1st Mar 2021

v0.2 26th Feb 2021

v0.1 24th Feb 2021

  • Initial release


  • Example model
  • File-based caching
  • Sitemap generator

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