User model demo: Molly Van Uum

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The information below has been loaded from as part of the User model that ships with Wayfinder.

array(12) {
  string(6) "female"
  array(3) {
    string(2) "Ms"
    string(5) "Molly"
    string(7) "Van Uum"
  array(7) {
    array(2) {
      string(22) "Burgemeester Roefslaan"
    string(7) "Catrijp"
    string(13) "Noord-Brabant"
    string(11) "Netherlands"
    string(7) "4069 EL"
    array(2) {
      string(8) "-41.0198"
      string(9) "-171.3557"
    array(2) {
      string(5) "+8:00"
      string(36) "Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong"
  string(24) "[email protected]"
  array(7) {
    string(36) "501d0a5c-50bd-4aef-9b42-894506a6157f"
    string(17) "yellowelephant823"
    string(8) "irishman"
    string(8) "sudxQzet"
    string(32) "dfa2518cfb11065811cb8a6960b553a8"
    string(40) "f548f1738edbe3a86d352c56c08d585d9a23cf4b"
    string(64) "c08ff05d747b0f07e4511d7940f377acace547c6e177fc70bc4373999a120975"
  array(2) {
    string(24) "1953-02-12T17:40:19.680Z"
  array(2) {
    string(24) "2007-08-21T23:48:55.429Z"
  string(13) "(024) 3928111"
  string(13) "(06) 29583821"
  array(2) {
    string(3) "BSN"
    string(8) "71176254"
  array(3) {
    string(48) ""
    string(52) ""
    string(54) ""
  string(2) "NL"