User model demo: Diana Murphy

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The information below has been loaded from as part of the User model that ships with Wayfinder.

array(12) {
  string(6) "female"
  array(3) {
    string(2) "Ms"
    string(5) "Diana"
    string(6) "Murphy"
  array(7) {
    array(2) {
      string(12) "Queen Street"
    string(14) "Stoke-on-Trent"
    string(11) "West Sussex"
    string(14) "United Kingdom"
    string(8) "DI0N 8US"
    array(2) {
      string(7) "73.2887"
      string(8) "114.5988"
    array(2) {
      string(5) "-3:00"
      string(32) "Brazil, Buenos Aires, Georgetown"
  string(24) "[email protected]"
  array(7) {
    string(36) "5e9b91dd-a993-43e5-8c3e-2aca9313c9b0"
    string(14) "orangezebra800"
    string(6) "frozen"
    string(8) "MczgoS6m"
    string(32) "7497cacc3b892dfa465772d1513af5e4"
    string(40) "60cd9d112a12deeba15f25d27715f3a44a11679d"
    string(64) "53e754b1b897cf3bb295887d5996e241b18dce7067df37a887a4bb7c378f5a0d"
  array(2) {
    string(24) "1947-04-05T05:01:33.985Z"
  array(2) {
    string(24) "2004-09-26T06:52:55.569Z"
  string(16) "0114021 083 0299"
  string(12) "07665 483100"
  array(2) {
    string(4) "NINO"
    string(13) "MA 58 68 55 Q"
  array(3) {
    string(48) ""
    string(52) ""
    string(54) ""
  string(2) "GB"